Separated at birth? You be the judge


FORT MYERS, Fla. — Spring training hasn’t even officially started yet and Terry Francona is already exchanging verbal jabs with Dustin Pedroia.

The scrappy second baseman showed up at camp today with what for him was a full head of hair. Usually Pedroia shaves his thinning hair or sports a buzz cut. But he was going all Zoolander today.

That promoted Francona to compare Pedroia to actor Giovanni Ribisi. Pedroia said Francona was “a tool” to suggest that and said his wife liked his new look.

Not a bad reference from the manager. What do you think?


UPDATE, 5:34 p.m.: I think that’s it for today, guys. It was a pretty quiet day with all the rain. Check back tomorrow for more reports from the Fort. Pitchers and catchers officially report on Sunday.

Just wanted to add some best wishes here to Shaun Clancy, the owner of Foley’s NY, a great sports bar on West 33rd Street in Manhattan. Shaun is recovering from a heart attack and doing well.

Foley’s has some great baseball memorabilia including plenty of Red Sox stuff. Shaun even dedicated a section in the back room to Joe Castiglione. If you’ve been there, I bet you had a great time. If not, you should stop in next time you’re in New York.

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