Aceves could be important signing

FORT MYERS, Fla – The Red Sox are hoping that Alfredo Aceves becomes one of those late free-agent signings which could provide big dividends for them during the season. Either as a starter or a reliever.

Aceves, a righthander, was out in free-agency for a long time mostly because of what he believed was confusion over his injuries. Aceves broke his collarbone in a November bike accident and (has a long scar beneath his left shoulder to prove it) prior to that was shut down by the Yankees last May 8th following a win over the Red Sox when he developed a pelvic injury. The injury was first described as a back injury and even a hip injury, but it was actually the pelvic bone.


There had been reports he would miss the entire 2011 season but after the Red Sox examined him they felt he was worth the gamble.

The New York Mets also put in a bid and Aceves was scheduled to work out for the Yankees right before the Red Sox signed him. While the Mets would appear to be a better situation in terms of being able to make the team and have a role, Aceves said “This was the best offer.”

What was surprising is that the Yankees didn’t try to re-sign him needing pitching help.

“You’re free to ask Brian Cashman,” Aceves said. “I don’t know the answer. It was business.”

The Red Sox offered Aceves, who sports a 14-1 career record, a $650,000 major league salary with a $25,000 signing bonus and guaranteed him $200,000 if he has to return to the minors.

Aceves said he’s concentrating on trying to get his pelvic area stronger during camp

“I’m very excited about this,” he said. “This is a very good team. I’ve pitched against them and I know how tough they are.”

Aceves said he prefers to start, but will do anything.

“This team has five very good starters, but if they need me I can step in and help them win,” he said.

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