Dustin Pedroia moment of the day

FORT MYERS, Fla. — By popular demand …

The position players who have reported early were on Field 1 this morning. The infielders were taking grounders and toward the end of the workout, the coaches were hitting them slow rollers they had to charge.

Jose Iglesias, the 21-year-old Cuban shortstop, was putting on a clinic with his quick glove and strong arm. But Dustin Pedroia, of course, was not impressed.

Iglesias got a do-or-die hop on one ball and missed it. He then picked up the ball and threw an off-balance rainbow to first base that sailed away.


“Look at that! That’s what you get!” Pedroia yelled. “Stop messing around.”

The next ball was at Pedroia, who was still yelling at Iglesias as he charged it. He picked it cleanly and fired to first.

“4-3. Putout!” Pedroia yelled. “That’s what you do!”

Iglesias was laughing as he came off the field. He and Pedroia go at it all day, and it’s fun to watch. Dustin invited the kid to his place for dinner several times last spring and has been a mentor for him. He knows they’ll play together someday.

As for Pedroia’s foot, he looks like his old self after a few days. There are no signs of the injury and he told me today he feels fine.

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