Adrian Gonzalez hopes to get cleared next week

FORT MYERS, Fla. — It was a busy day in camp today. Here are the highlights:

• Adrian Gonzalez will head across the state to Port St. Lucie next week to get checked out by his surgeon, Mets team doctor David Altchek. He hopes to get cleared to swing a bat at that point.

“I don’t think it’s anything specific. He just needs to see that I’m good for the most part,” Gonzalez said. “That’s the best way to put it. If you do the surgery, you want to sign off on it before you let the guy swing. Because if not, the surgery could go wrong without your knowledge.


“It’s more him seeing me, [examining] me, seeing where I’m at. It shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes once he sees me. But I still have to see him.”

As to how Gonzalez feels now, he said: “There’s zero limitations. I’m exactly where I need to be at this point post-surgery. Everything is going as planned and it feels great. I know I could swing today if I wanted to.”

As to his contract extension, Gonzalez said there is no deadline. He also doesn’t believe the Albert Pujols situation has any affect on him. “Not much,” he said when asked how much he was following that story. “He’s him and I’m me. For the most part, I feel he’s the best player in the game so you can’t really compare yourself to him.

• David Ortiz also checked in with the media. He seems to be fine with his contract, saying it’s not something on his mind.

• Gonzalez on his speed: I like to let everybody know I’m real slow. Don’t expect me to be fast. There’s a lot of times when people think I’m fast and then they’re telling me I’m not hustling. I’m like, ‘No, I’m going as fast as I can.’ I don’t run with my chin sticking out, forcing it or anything, so I don’t look like I’m trying to go as fast as I can. But I’m going as fast as I can.”

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