The gang’s (mostly) all here

FORT MYERS, Fla. — David Ortiz arrived in the Red Sox clubhouse shortly after 8 a.m. wearing a bright green t-shirt that said, “I Still (Heart) White People.”

Well, that’s a relief. But if you know Big Papi, it’s all in fun.

Accompanied by his son, D’Angelo, Papi walked around the clubhouse hugging pretty much everybody he encountered.

Mike Cameron, Carl Crawford and Jed Lowrie arrived, too. All three of them will be on the field today. The only missing persons seemed to be J.D. Drew and Marco Scutaro. But all they have to do today is check in. Physicals and tomorrow and the first full-squad workout is Saturday.


Cameron was in great spirits. He had extensive surgery to repair a sports hernia and groin tears last August and had a full winter of physical therapy. He got back to baseball in January and feels great.

At 38, he embraces the idea of being a backup outfielder and DH. “At this stage in my career, playing for a great team is what I want,” he said. “As Josh (Beckett) said the other day, we can win 100 games.”

Cameron acknowledged that he could be on the trade market. But he hopes to stay in Boston and chase a ring. His ability to hit lefthanders certainly makes Cameron a valuable player given the Sox have three lefthanded hitting outfielders and lefty DH. It’s not hard to envision him getting 350-400 at-bats.

The players are on the field now. Back with more later on.

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