Commissioner Lucchino?

FORT MYERS, Fla. — MLB commissioner Bud Selig has said he plans to retire after the 2012 season. If he actually goes through with those plans, one potential candidate to replace him would be Red Sox president Larry Lucchino.

Lucchino played down that idea today, saying it was not realistic.

“The speculation, uncomfortable as it’s been, is flattering. But I’m really very content where I am,” he said. “If you’re a baseball executive, this is the best place to be. I love Boston, New England. My family loves it. It seems the rest of my career was sort of building up so this could be the final stage of it.”


Lucchino, 65, also questioned whether he would get the support of enough owners. The Yankees, for certain, would try and put the kibosh on him.

Lucchino also offered his opinion on some other topics:

Playoff expansion: “I can’t speak for the whole organization. I can say that I personally think there’s something beneficial there that could work out. But we haven’t debated it internally, nor have we been asked to. It’s a discussion that’s taking place at the commissioner’s level.”

On changing revenue sharing during the coming CBA negotiations: “The Red Sox think there’s an opportunity there for reform of the system and we hope that baseball will take advantage of that opportunity.”

The Red Sox, Lucchino revealed, paid approximately $85.5 million to MLB’s revenue-sharing pool last year and an additional $1.3 million in competitive balance tax. Only the Yankees, Lucchino said, paid more.

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