Some news and notes from camp

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Quick, efficient workout for the Red Sox today. Here are a few notes:

• Jonathan Papelbon, who stayed home to attend to his sick wife on Sunday, took ill today and did not go on the field. He was in the clubhouse.

• Adrian Gonzalez took 30 swings off a tee this morning. He has the option of taking a day off tomorrow (which the Sox would like) or repeating that process and then taking a day off. “Went great,” he said.

• The Sox met with MLB execs Joe Garagiola Jr. and Larry Young this morning to discuss issues related to umpiring.


• Did you know that Jim Rice played football for Hanna High in Anderson, S.C., under coach Harold Jones? That’s the town and the coach they made the movie “Radio” about. Jim Ed said he was a wide receiver and defensive back and had scholarship offers but decided to play baseball.

Jim said he knew Radio and that he had a twin brother.

By the way, when Jim Rice shakes your hand, it stays shook for a few minutes.

• Carl Crawford has signed autographs every day that he has been in camp. Jarrod Saltalamacchia signs all the time, too.

• Mike Cameron looks like a new man. He had a stiff swing last season, the result of all the trauma in his lower abdomen that was repaired surgically. Now he has that full hip turn and extension. “Night and day,” he said. “It’s fun to be able to play again.”

• Watched Marco Scutaro take infield today and every throw was strong and over the top, not that sidearm style he had to employ last season when his shoulder was sore.

• Terry Francona joked that getting into the College Baseball Hall of Fame was tainted because hitting coach Dave Magadan got in last year before he did.

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