Beckett cleared; will throw bullpen tomorrow

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Josh Beckett has been fully cleared to return to baseball activities and is scheduled to throw a three-inning simulated game tomorrow in the bullpen. If that goes well, he will start on Tuesday.

Beckett, as you know, suffered a concussion on Monday when coaching assistant Ino Guerrero lined a ball off his head with a fungo bat.

Contrary to one report out there, Beckett did not have a CT scan.

“He’ll have a normal day today,” Terry Francona said a little while ago. “He feels real good.”

When Beckett came out to the field this morning, he had on a white shirt with “Don’t Hit Me” on the front. Guerrero was presented with a bright yellow hat and an orange vest so the players would know where he is.

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