A helmet for pitchers?


FORT MYERS, Fla. — Easton-Bell Sports sent out a press release today regarding a helmet designed to protect pitchers.

From the company:

The Easton-Bell Sports pitching helmet prototype uses lightweight energy managing materials to provide protection to the most vulnerable areas of the head, without compromising comfort or performance. The helmet is made of expanded polystyrene polycarbonate, which is attached to a comfortable liner and elastic strap.

It looks goofy and I suspect if I asked all the Red Sox pitchers in camp, none would admit to wanting to wear it.

But there was a time in baseball when catchers didn’t wear a mask. And no hitter would think to go to the plate today without a helmet. Almost every park has a fence in front of the dugout to protect players, too.

It might take 10 years — or some awful injury — but the day is coming when a pitcher wears a helmet.

Let me ask you this, would you send your kid out to the mound without one?


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