Injury updates: Gonzalez aims to play next week; Cameron out with a sore knee

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Adrian Gonzalez took batting practice on the field again today. He’ll repeat that tomorrow and take Thursday off.

He has no plans to hit off a pitcher on a back field or anything like that. Gonzalez wants to go from BP right into a game, perhaps next week.

“We’re at that point where you’ve got to push it a little more, I guess,” he said, “We’ll see how it responds to hitting on back-to-back days. … Then I can start planning out for some kind of game action next week sometime, maybe even earlier.”


Gonzalez spoke in some detail about the surgery to repair a torn labrum in his right (non-throwing) shoulder. His biggest point was that the injury did not inhibit him much as a hitter last season.

“The reason I don’t make a deal out of this is because I played through it last year. So worst-case scenario I’m going to be the hitter I was last year,” he said. “It’s not something that I lost games over and I’m trying to recover from. It was surgery to get me to be 100 percent instead of 95. It really isn’t a surgery I needed. But it’s a surgery that is going to help me in the long term.”

Gonzalez said the true test of his shoulder would come in the field. He had to train himself not to dive for balls last season, knowing that would inflame his shoulder for days afterward.

In other injury news, Mike Cameron has some mild soreness in his left knee. He has not played in a game since Thursday, but expects to DH tomorrow night.

“I was feeling so good that I just went,” Cameron said. “I just need to slow down a little and take care of myself, I’ll be fine.”

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