What to expect from Gonzalez today

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Facing Josh Johnson won’t be a picnic for Adrian Gonzalez, although he is 4 for 11 in is career against the big righthander.

Terry Francona said yesterday that Gonzalez would play three innings in his first game. The aim will probably be to give him two plate appearances.

The Sox have been ultra careful with Gonzalez, so expect that to continue. Counting today, there are 18 possible games for Gonzlez to play in spring training, ample time for him to get ready for the season.

So if he plays a day or two and then gets a day off, don’t be surprised.


The best news for Red Sox fans is the 2011 team is now whole and on the field.

UPDATE, 10:05 a.m.: Francona said Gonzalez would not play tomorrow then play on Monday against the Yankees. There is no concern about him getting ready for the season given all the time left.

“There’s not a concern about the at-bats,” Francona said. “We’re to a point where he got ready so quick we didn’t really have to have that conversation. We were viewing he would be later in spring, when he got into games.”

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