Final: Rays 7, Red Sox 4

Game over: Rays 7, Red Sox 4

Another loss for the Sox, who fall to 12-15-1 in spring training. The kids did manage to make it interesting, twice bringing the tying run to the plate but to no avail.

Middle of the 9th: Rays 7, Red Sox 4

The Rays added a run off Randy Williams. Looks like the Sox are headed for their sixth consecutive loss.

Top of the 9th: Rays 6, Red Sox 4

Here come the Sox as Aaron Bates drills a 3-run homer. Jeremy Hazelbaker (walk) and Drew Sutton (single) scored ahead of him.

Middle of the 8th: Rays 6, Red Sox 1


Jenks didn’t allow a run. But after a walk and a single, he slammed his glove against his leg as he walked off the field.

Top of the 8th: Rays 6, Red Sox 1

The Sox went in order. Price was done after 6.1 innings and 103 pitches. Jenks is coming out for the eighth inning.

Middle of the 7th: Rays 6, Red Sox 1

Bit of an adventurous inning for Dennys Reyes. Jose Lobaton singled befoore Elliot Johnson was hit by a pitch. Matt Joyce grounded to first and Drew Sutton fired the ball into left field as a run scored. Felipe Lopez, who spent a week or so with the Sox last season, then walked.

Sam Fuld grounded into the 1-2-3 double play, a scorecard favorite. Justin Ruggiano then struck out swinging.

Top of the 7th: Rays 5, Red Sox 1

David Price has been a handful tonight. Pedrooa doubled again to start the inning. Crawford then struck out swinging. Youkilis as hit by a pitch but Gonzalez struck out. Ortiz then flied to right.

Price so far: 6 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 2 BB, 7 K, 1 HBP.

Middle of the 6th: Rays 5, Red Sox 1

Tampa scored a run in the fifth and another in the sixth. Lackey was done after 5.1 innings and 96 pitches (57 strikes). He allowed five runs on six hits with two walks and four strikeouts.


J.D. Drew left after two at-bats. Not sure why.

Top of the 5th: Rays 3, Red Sox 1

Pedroia doubled and Crawford walked before Youkilis (8 for 40 this spring) struck out again. Gonzalez walked to load the bases. Ortiz then struck out swinging at a high heater from Price on a 3-2 pitch. Drew grounded up the middle, a ball that Rodriguez bobbled but recovered in time to flip to Brignac.

Middle of the 4th: Rays 3, Red Sox 1

Manny walked as Fieldin Culbreth squeezed him a bit on the 2-2 pitch. Lackey’s body language said, “You have to be kidding me.” Culbreth and Lackey had a bit of a discussion on March 7 regarding his use of the rosin bag.

Johnson grounded into a well-executed 4-6-3 DP before Upton lined to right. I have Lackey for 68 pitches, 41 strikes.

Top of the 4th: Rays 3, Red Sox 1

Drew singled and took third on a single by Varitek. Drew scored when Scutaro grounded into a double play.

Middle of the 3rd: Rays 3, Red Sox 0

Jose Lobaton homered off Lackey on a 1-2 pitch. Joyce singled with one out but Lackey fanned Longoria. With Manny up, Joyce tried to steal second and was thrown out by about five feet by Varitek. Botched hit and run?

Top of the 3rd: Rays 2, Red Sox 0

Six up and six down for Price. Ortiz lined to left and remarkably Manny was awake and caught it.

Middle of the 2nd: Rays 2, Red Sox 0

Manny flicked away three to-strike pitches then drew only the second walk off Lackey this spring. Lackey kept working the outside corner but couldn’t get the strikeout. Dan Johnson, the Red Sox killer, then homered to right field.


Lackey then retired Upton, Brignac and Rodriguez on 12 pitches.

Top of the 2nd: Rays 0, Red Sox 0

Ellsbury (6-3), Pedroia (K) and Crawford (3-U) were dispatched of efficiently by David Price. Don’t sleep on the Rays. They still have a very good rotation.

Manny leads off the top of the second.

Middle of the 1st: Rays 0, Red Sox 0

Another solid inning for Lackey. The big Texan retired the side in order on 11 pitches, seven of them strikes.

Pre-game: It’s a beautiful night at City of Palms Park for Manny Ramirez’s return to Fort Myers. It’s the biggest event in Fort Myers since the last gun shop opened.

It’ll be John Lackey against David Price and the Red Sox have the big horses in the lineup. Hang out here for updates. The game also is on the radio, so listen in to Joe Castiglione.

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