Two Sox among top jersey sellers in 2010


Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association had an interesting press release today. It detailed the most popular jerseys based on 2010 sales figures.

Derek Jeter, as you might expect, was first. Dustin Pedroia was eighth and Jacoby Ellsbury 16th.

Given that he played only 18 games last season, that’s a strong showing for Ellsbury. No other Red Sox were in the top 20. Anybody surprised Kevin Youkilis isn’t in there somewhere?

Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford will make this list next year you would think.

The complete list from 2010: 1. Derek Jeter, 2. Joe Mauer, 3. Roy Halladay, 4. Chase Utley, 5. Cliff Lee, 6. Albert Pujols, 7. Josh Hamilton, 8. Dustin Pedroia, 9. Alex Rodriguez, 10. Tim Lincecum, 11. Mark Teixeira, 12. Jason Heyward, 13. Stephen Strasburg, 14. Ryan Braun, 15. Justin Morneau, 16. Jacoby Ellsbury, 17. Ian Kinsler, 18. Ryan Howard, 19. Buster Posey, 20. Evan Longoria.


In terms of team sales: 1. Yankees, 2. Red Sox, 3. Dodgers, 4 Phillies, 5. Cubs, 6. Cardinals, 7. White Sox, 8. Braves, 9. Twins, 10. Tigers

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