Crawford joins up with Jordan


FORT MYERS, Fla. — Baseball players get lots of cool free stuff. Bats, gloves, spikes, batting gloves, sunglasses . . . you name it and there are literally manufacturers showing up at the clubhouse every few days with bags of equipment.

You don’t even have to be a player to benefit. Terry Francona has a deal with New Balance. The athletic trainers wear Nike shirts and pants and New Balance sneakers.

But Carl Crawford may have the best deal. He joined Derek Jeter, CC Sabathia and Andruw Jones as the only baseball players wearing the Michael Jordan Jumpman logo. Crawford will wear custom-made Jumpman spikes this season and gets pretty much all the Jordan gear he wants to wear off the field.

If you’re interested in uniforms, spikes and the like, check out the UniWatch blog.


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