Eight is enough?

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Gov. Patrick would declare a state of emergency if the Red Sox lost eight straight games during the regular season.

But in spring training? It’s a good bet that not one player on the roster has any idea the streak is that long. Between split-squad games, travel rosters full of minor leaguers and the other variables of spring training, getting wrapped up in the final score is not a productive way to spend time.

‘If you ask me if I’d like to win every day, yeah. I don’t care if it’s checkers or spring training. But I think perspective is a huge word,” Terry Francona said tonight. “I want us to get our work in and today was a pretty good work day before the game. … We had some good at-bats and we left some guys on with runners in scoring position. The results of the game would be the last thing we need to be concerned with right now. There’s plenty of time for that next week.”


Look at this way. The Sox have lost eight straight and the Nationals have won four straight. Whose team would you rather have come the season?

Maybe the Sox are trying to lull the Twins into a false sense of security. The Mayor’s Cup is 2-2 with the deciding game tomorrow night at City of Palms.

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