So what comes next for the Red Sox?

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Opening Day is one week away. At this time next week, the Red Sox will be in Arlington, Texas, preparing to play the Rangers.

So what’s left to be done? Let’s take a look:

Cut 15 players. The Sox still have 40 players in camp. Guys like Ryan Kalish, Drew Sutton, Nate Spears, Randy Williams and Andrew Miller are headed for Class AAA Pawtucket.

The last two spots in the bullpen have to be sorted out. The immediate concern is the status of LHP Dennys Reyes, who will pitch tonight and has the right to opt out of his minor league deal tomorrow.


Obtain catching depth. The Sox do not appear to have major-league ready catching depth, at least not anybody you would be comfortable with for an extended period. As teams make cuts, Theo Epstein and his staff will be looking for a trustworthy defensive player they can stash in Pawtucket.

Obtain pitching depth. When the Sox need a starter — and eventually that will happen — their choices are Tim Wakefield, Alfredo Aceves, Felix Doubront and Andrew Miller. One is 44. One has back issues. One has elbow issues. One has control issues. It’s much easier said than done to find a starter who can be stored in AAA. But they have to try.

Play better. The Sox have lost seven straight and been outscored 58-26. Spring training results will soon be forgotten, but as the season approaches it would be nice if the Sox looked a little sharper.

Get Gonzo some plate appearances. Adrian Gonzalez is going to play in all but one of the remaining six games. They should give him what he needs to be ready for the season.

Anonymously order 100 pizzas from Sarasota House of Pizza, charge to Buck Showalter. That’ll teach him.

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