Crawford drops down in lineup; Heidi takes on giant pretzel

ARLINGTON, Texas — The news of the day, and it’s not a big deal, is that Carl Crawford will hit seventh.

“Looking at him, it’s kind of obvious he’s trying too hard,” Terry Francona said. “Especially with a lefty today, just kind of let him sit down there. As soon as he gets on base and can cause some havoc, he’ll loosen up and the real Carl will come out. In the meantime, take a load off him.”

Francona said Crawford is fine.

“Great kid. He’s trying too hard,” the manager said. “It’s an admirable quality and I actually love it. We’re two games in and he’s not had real good at-bats. I want him to relax a little bit at the plate.”


Meanwhile, Darnell McDonald being in right field is another sign the Sox will be keeping J.D. Drew against lefties when they can.


As for the big news of the day, NESN’s Heidi Watney purchased a four-pound pretzel at the concession stands and plans to finish it before the game. Follow her progress on the telecast. Good luck to her.

I’m still trying to get Jessica Moran of Comcast to challenge Heidi but she has so far declined. Perhaps bribery is in order.

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