History now against the Red Sox

CLEVELAND — For what it’s worth . . .

• No 0-4 team has ever won the World Series.

• Only one 0-4 team made it to the World Series — the 1985 Cardinals.

• According to the Elias Sports Bureau, since 1995 only two out of 128 playoff teams reached the postseason after an 0-4 start — the 1999 Diamondbacks and the 1995 Reds.

I’m not sure what any of that really means. Usually an 0-4 team is a lousy team that didn’t have much of a chance to win the World Series in the first place. That’s not true of the Red Sox.


I haven’t checked yet. But I would bet every World Series champion probably had a four-game losing streak at some point. The problem is that streak looks worse when it comes right away.

Hey, look at this way, nobody in their right minds thought the 2004 Sox were going to come back from an 0-3 deficit against the Yankees in the ALCS.

But before anybody worries about October, the Red Sox need to worry about Cleveland tomorrow night. They played like a bunch of zombies tonight, failing to grind out at-bats and doing silly things like allowing a delayed steal of second and missing the cut-off man.

“It’s not a lot of fun. I don’t think anybody is going to feel sorry for us,” Terry Francona said. “If we come out and just play the game right, things will work out.”

That’s it from Cleveland tonight. Thanks for reading and all the comments today. I’ll be on at 10 a.m. tomorrow for a live chat. Bring it on.

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