Red Sox will welcome home cooking

CLEVELAND — The Sox finish off the worst trip since the Joad Family went to California today. They return home tomorrow to start a 10-game, 11-day homestand tomorrow.

“We’ve just got to relax, man,” Dustin Pedroia said this morning. “Get back home, get our fan into it. We miss them. We want to play in front of those guys. Get the new guys a nice big ovation. It will be good. We’ll be good to go.”

Pedroia thinks being at Fenway Park could cure what ails the Sox.

“Heck yeah,” he said. “We get out to Texas and they’re on a big high after going to the World Series. They had their ceremony to get American League rings. We come here and it’s 30 degrees. We want to get home and play in front of those fans, our fans.


“We’re trying to find ourselves, find out who we are. That’s it.”

Said Terry Francona: “We’re home for about 10 days. As always, we go where they tell us. This hasn’t been a real kind road trip. Wherever we go, we better play better. That’s kind of how it is.

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