Stupefying Sox searching for answers


(AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

CLEVELAND — If the Sox make a roster move before tomorrow’s game, would it be a surprise?

Dennys Reyes has faced 10 batters in the first five games of the season and six have gotten on base. Of the six lefthanded hitters he has faced, four have reached. The first batter against him has gotten on three out of four times.

That the Red Sox are an embarrassing 0-5 is not the fault of Reyes. But clearly something has to happen.

“We’ve got to start acting like we’re a good team. We’ve got to find a way to win,” manager Terry Francona said tonight.


There is no one thing wrong. The pitching staff has an 8.32 ERA and has allowed 14 home runs. The hitters are at .190/.275/.301 and are 7 of 40 with runners in scoring position.

“I speak for myself. I’m probably one of the biggest problems around right now. I’ve got to play a lot better baseball,” said Kevin Youkilis, who is 2 for 15.

Things are so bad that Youkilis thought about dropping that line drive with the bases loaded in the sixth inning to get a double play. Then he decided to catch it. Then he dropped it anyway and they still couldn’t get a double play.

I wrote yesterday that it’s silly to talk about 0-4 teams not going to the World Series because most 0-4 teams were lousy to begin with. The Red Sox are not a lousy team. But they’re playing like one right now.

One turn through the rotation and now Jon Lester is pitching what seems like a gigantic game in 12 hours.

“I don’t think many of us are going to sleep,” Francona said. “We might as well go ahead and play pretty soon.”

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