Odds are no playoffs for the Red Sox . . . unless there is more John Lackey magic

ACTA Sports sent out their stat of the week just now. And it’s not pretty, Red Sox fans.

They examined the first 10 games played by all teams from 2002-10. There were 39 teams that went 0-3 their first 10 games.

Of those 39 teams, only one team won 90 games (the 2002 Angels) and only two others (the 2006 Padres and the 2007 Phillies) made the playoffs.

Here’s the good news: The 2002 Angels won 99 games and the World Series after a 3-7 start. They also had John Lackey.

So clearly the Sox must follow the lead of their No. 2 starter to the promised land. He knows what needs to be done.


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