Coming attractions?

Tempers are getting short around baseball.

After another meltdown by his bullpen, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen had one of his standard nutty press conference then stormed out early.

“I don’t have any closer. I don’t,” he said. “You are just scratching your head and second-guess yourself what you are doing wrong, bringing people to the mound with a three-run lead … and we can’t hold the lead. That’s not a good sign.”

In New York, Mets manager Terry Collins, a tightly wound sort, held a team meeting after a 5-4 loss to the Rockies and ripped his players.


“It’s time to start making pitches. It’s time to start getting the big two-out hit,” Collins said. “Now is the time. We’ve been in every game and we’ve got to start winning them. We’re one pitch away and we’re one swing away from being 9-2, and we’re not. But the next 11 we need to be 9-2. We need to get it going and do the things we haven’t done so far.”

The White Sox are 7-5 and the Mets 4-7.

Boo hoo hoo.

Terry Francona has held it together pretty well so far and do not expect that to change. The 2-9 Red Sox have a bunch of veteran players and ripping them in the press or in a meeting likely would not accomplish much other than to give guys like me something to write about.

It’s a sunny day in Boston. Maybe last night’s rainout and a day off today will change things.

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