Francona discusses the Red Sox lineup

Here’s what Francona had to say this morning on a few topics:

On Carl Crawford being back in the lineup: “We talked for a little while. I just wanted to do a couple of things: reassure him how we feel, which I think is pretty obvious and find out if I can help, how can I help? I haven’t been around him for forever. He actually was really good. He said he feels good. If work has anything to do with it … he almost beat us to the ballpark today. I thought a day yesterday of being in the cage and not having to take it right into the game sometimes can help.


Once he gets going — I think we all know it, I know I do — he’s going to get real hot. Hope it starts today. This is certainly not a guy who when he doesn’t hit, you run from. He’s going to be a huge part of our offense.

On Lowrie hitting sixth: “We talked about that a little bit last night. Jed’s so hot right now, how do you keep him out of the lineup? Then the thinking was, he’s such a good righthand hitter, if we sandwich him in between the two lefties, maybe that takes away a potential opportunity for Toronto’s bullpen.

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