Beckett throws in the bullpen

Josh Beckett just threw about a 10-minute bullpen session (not continuous) with Terry Francona and Theo Epstein watching.

That Beckett threw in the bullpen isn’t unusual. That Epstein and Francona were watching closely is.

Beckett is obviously having some sort of physical issue and it seems to be related to his throwing 125 pitches in Anaheim on April 21. The Red Sox have not yet slotted him into the rotation since he pitched in Baltimore last Wednesday.

We’ll likely hear later at Francona’s press conference about what comes next.

In other news, the Red Sox are readying the left field wall-sized U.S. flag for tonight’s game. There will be some sort of ceremony in the wake of yesterday’s historic news.


UPDATE, 3:23 p.m.: Beckett is now listed as the starter for Wednesday’s game.

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