Wrapping it up from Fenway Park

A few post-game notes you may be interested in:

• Bobby Jenks, who warmed up at one point, couldn’t pitch. Terry Francona said his arm “cramped up.” No word on his status in terms in terms of his short-term availability.

• J.D. Drew had a bout with vertigo and could not play. “There were some opportunities, certainly, to use him but he wasn’t doing too well,” Francona said.

• The Sox did not want to use Daisuke Matsuzaka but felt like they had no choice. “The part that we felt a little more comfortable with was because it was his day to pitch. But there was nothing else to do,” Francona said. “It’s a very difficult thing.”


It was his first relief appearance in the majors. He had pitched in relief in Japan before according to Japanese reporters.

• The Sox were meeting at this late hour to discuss their potential roster moves. Pawtucket starts a road trip in Scranton tomorrow. Alfredo Aceves is the scheduled starter and it would not surprise me to see him here tomorrow.

“We’ve got a lot to discuss,” Francona said.

Francona isn’t sure whether Matsuzaka will be able to start as scheduled on Friday.

• Francona did not blame Mike Cameron for getting thrown out at third base in the ninth inning, pointing out the ball hit the umpire and that Erick Aybar made a great play bare-handing the ball after it rolled away.

“When that ball goes by third, Cam’s going. If it doesn’t hit the umpire, it probably rolls into the corner,” Francona said. “It’s unfortunate.”

• The lasted five hours (7:35 with the delay). It was the longest game at Fenway since a 14-inning, 4-2 loss against Tampa Bay on Sept. 10, 2008. That game clocked in at 5:02.

That’s it from here. The next game starts in 10 hours. A sincere thanks to everybody for reading tonight.

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