Final: Twins 9, Red Sox 2

Game over

The Red Sox were beaten by the Rochester…errr… Minnesota Twins tonight in an awful performance. If lethargic was the way to describe the 11-0 loss to the Angels Thursday afternoon, then add this one to the list of forgettable performances. Tim Wakefield didn’t have it, but he sure wasn’t helped by his defense. Adrian Gonzalez whiffed on a grounder he should have had that led to three runs. Jed Lowrie made two errors and Boston pitchers balked in runs twice. Terry Francona was ejected but that didn’t light a fire under the Sox. The Red Sox dropped to 14-18.


Bottom 8th: Twins 9, Red Sox 2

Sweet Caroline couldn’t come soon enough in this one. Just wanted to mention that Michael Cuddyer did a nice thing. He hit a lady in the chest with a foul ball and the next inning he walked over to her and handed her a bat. Nice thing to do. Sox had runners in scoring position but nothing happened. Crawford, who has been hearing it from the fans, singled and Saltalamacchia hit a ground rule double into the triangle that kicked into the stands. But with two outs, Pedroia struck out.

Top 7th: Twins 9, Red Sox 2

Sox starters John Lackey and Tim Wakefield have allowed a combined 14 earned runs in 8-1/3 innings the last two starts. As Bill Parcells used to say, “That’s not what we’re looking for.”

Top 6th: Twins 9, Red Sox 2

More errors and balks. Ugly game for the Red Sox. Aceves balked in a run after a stolen base, errorr by Lowrie (his second) and a stolen base. Yikes.

Top 5th: Twins 8, Red Sox 2

Wakefield left the game and gave way to just-recalled Alfredo Aceves. Wakefield was tagged with three more runs as Danny Valencia doubled them in. Wakefield walked Plouffe, allowed a single to Morneau and then back-to-back hits by Cuddyer and Valencia after he’d got Kubel to pop out for the first out. The Twins scored a fourth run when Lowrie tried to backhand a Revere grounder that he should have played straight up.


Bottom 4th: Twins 4, Red Sox 2

Ok. We finally see the Adrian Gonzalez Fenway homer – off the Sports Authority sign in left field. That high-towering drive to left field is what we thought Gonzalez would bring to the table. That was his third home run, second at Fenway.

Bottom 2nd: Twins 4, Red Sox 1

J.D. Drew homered to rightfield off Minny starter Scott Baker.

Top 2nd: Twins 4, Red Sox 0

This may be as heated as I’ve seen Terry Francona in his managerial career in Boston. Tim Wakefield balked (he stepped to the plate before making his pickoff move) and the call was made by homeplate umpire Angel Hernandez. Francona came out to ask Hernandez what Wakefield did and Hernadez gave him a quick ejection. That set Francona off. He was seperated by Joe West and bumped West a couple of times trying to get to Hernandez. Francona threw his chew toward the umpire and said “I didn’t say (Bleep).” The bad inning however, was due in part to Adrian Gonzalez not being able to field Denard Span’s two-hopper. Gonzalez went down to his knees to field the ball and it took a quick third hop over him into right field scoring two runs. The Twins had loaded the bases, but Wakefield then got two quick outs. Span’s grounder probably should have gotten him out of the inning if he had fielded it and thrown to Wakefield covering. Span is fast and might have beaten it out anyway.


Top 1st: Twins 1, Red Sox 0

Tim Wakefield allowed a home run to shortstop Trevor Plouffe into the Monster seats, It was Plouffe’s first plate appearance since being recalled from Triple-A.

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