Idea from a reader: Show Lackey support

A reader sent this e-mail over the weekend and it seemed like a worthwhile thought to share:

I was thinking about John Lackey and the things that he’s dealing with at home. People deal with that kind of thing differently. Up to now, Lackey has kept things to himself and not used the challenges in his personal life as an excuse for disappointing results at work.

Now that things are more out in the open, I thought it would be nice if there was a way for fans to show him that we want to support him, whether it’s out of common decency or whether we just want him to go back to being the pitcher who used to kill us in the playoffs. To that end, I thought that one way for fans to show support for him would be for everyone to wear something pink to the ballpark on the days that he pitches.

Maybe if he sees some pink in the stands, he’ll know that the fans are behind him in his personal battle and it might also give him a boost on the mound.

Brian R.

For those who haven’t heard, John’s wife has been battling breast cancer since the winter. He has been wearing a pink bracelet in support of her when he pitches.

It’s far from my place to tell you who to root for. But the man is not trying to pitch poorly. He’s going through a rough time and throwing him support can only help.

Lackey pitches tomorrow night.


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