Welcome back, Cubbies

The Chicago Cubs return to Fenway Park tonight for the first time since Sept. 11, 1918 when they lost Game 6 of the World Series to the Red Sox, 2-1.

Here’s the box score. Carl Mays went the distance for the win, allowing three hits. The game took an hour and 46 minutes.

The Sox scored two runs on an error by right fielder Max Flack in the third inning. Babe Ruth, 23 at the time, was a defensive replacement in left field in the 8th inning.

World War I was raging. The Spanish Flu killed 30 million people across the world. Ernie Harwell was born along with Classy Freddie Blassie, Howard Cosell, Mickey Spillane, Billy Graham, Spiro Agnew and Bob Feller.

That was 1918. Now the Cubs are back.


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