Final: Red Sox 14, Tigers 1

Game over: Red Sox 14, Tigers 1

The game has been called. All stats count to the point where it it ended. Back later with more.

Middle of the 8th: Red Sox 14, Tigers 1 (rain delay)

The hits keep coming. Ellsbury walked and scored on a double by Pedroia. Gonzalez followed with an RBI single. With two outs, Crawford (4 for 5) singled. Sutton then stroked another RBI double. Reddick (3 for 5, 3 RBIs) added a two-run single.

Now the tarp is down and we’re in a rain delay. I believe you have to wait 45 minutes before calling it. The stats would all count at this point if the game is called since it was official after 5 innings.


The Sox have 14 runs in back-to-back games for the first time since July 2-3, 1998 against the Expos and White Sox.

We will keep you posted on the rain.

Top of the 8th: Red Sox 9, Tigers 1

1-2-3 inning for Albers, who snared a line drive from Kelly to end the inning. Still raining here but not so bad. Crowd has fled for cover.

Middle of the 7th: Red Sox 9, Tigers 1

Ortiz doubled before Crawford had his second triple. He is now 7 for 8 in the last two games with five extra-base hits. Crawford is now hitting .240.

Albers now pitching.

Two starts for Aceves: 11 IP, 2 ER.

Top of the 7th: Red Sox 8, Tigers 1

Nice work by Aceves, who has gone six innings and thrown 98 pitches. His line: 6 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 2 BB, 6 K.

Middle of the 6th: Red Sox 8, Tigers 1

Reddick and Varitek singled. After Ellsbury and Pedroia struck out, Gonzalez hit a hot shot to second that got past Sizemore It was called an error. Reddick scored on the play. Youkilis then grounded into a force.

The rain has started here.

Top of the 6th: Red Sox 7, Tigers 1


Aceves put two runners on with one out but got Boesch to foul out to third before striking out Cabrera. His line so far: 5 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 5 K.


It’s an official game. Why is that so important? Check out the Weather Channel radar map of the area:

Middle of the 5th: Red Sox 7, Tigers 1

Selfish David Ortiz drew a walk. But the Sox otherwise went in order. Wilk has retired nine of the 10 batters he has faced. I commend him for that.

Three outs away from an official game.

Meanwhile, the grounds crew is in orange raincoats and literally kneeling behind the tarp.

Top of the 5th: Red Sox 7, Tigers 1

Al Avila had an RBI single for the Tigers. Meanwhile, the skies are darkening here and the grounds crew is poised behind the tarp, The Red Sox should make three quick outs here and get Aceves back on the mound.

Make this an official game. Hurry up.

Middle of the 4th: Red Sox 7, Tigers 0

Nice work by the Sox, going down down in order. One step closer to an official game.

Top of the 4th: Red Sox 7, Tigers 0

Here is what I really, really like about Alfredo Aceves: He throws a pitch, the catcher throws the ball back to him and then he throws another pitch. He doesn’t walk around, he doesn’t look in the dugout. He doesn’t stare at the umpire. He doesn’t call his agent. He doesn’t try and remember some motivational messages from his sports psychologist. He throws a pitch.

Three innings, 38 pitches. Rock on.

Middle of the 3rd: Red Sox 7, Tigers 0

Wilk left Crawford at third as Sutton grounded to first, Reddick struck out and Varitek flied to center.


The object now is to make this an official game as fast as possible.

Top of the 3rd: Red Sox 7, Tigers 0

Youkilis reached on an infield single before Ortiz walked. Crawford then lined a ball deep to center to a stand-up triple. He is 6 for 6 in the last two games with two doubles, a triple, a homer and four RBIs.

Scherzer is out and Adam Wilk is on for his major league debut.

Top of the 3rd: Red Sox 5, Tigers 0

Aceves allowed a two-out single by Peralta then fanned Avila. 10-pitch inning for him.

Middle of the 2nd: Red Sox 5, Tigers 0

Varitek struck out before Ellsbury crushed a home run to right field. That was his fifth of the year and the Sox are up by five runs. That’s 19 runs in the last 11 innings for the Sox.

Top of the 2nd: Red Sox 2, Tigers 0

David Ortiz, the Dominican Ichiro, led off with a soft single to the opposite field. Carl Crawford (5 for 5 hitting 6th) then singled to center. Drew Sutton, who can’t be contained, doubled to the gap in right field to drive in a run. Josh Reddick’s bloop single to center made it 2-0.

Two on, two in, no outs.

Top of the 2nd: Red Sox 0, Tigers 0

1-2-3 inning on 13 pitches for Aceves. If anybody knows how to say, “Take your time coming back, as long as you want. No rush,” in Japanese, please tell Theo Epstein.

Middle of the 1st: Red Sox 0, Tigers 0

Ellsbury drew a four-pitch walk. Then Pedroia (center), Gonzalez (left) and Youkilis (right) popped up around the outfield.

Pre-game: Good afternoon from Comerica Park, one of my favorite yards in the American League. It’ll be Alfredo Aceves against Max Scherzer.

It’s overcast but the game will start on time. Today might be a good day to have a lead after after five innings, however.

Hang out here for updates all afternoon and, please, feel free to eave your comments.l

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