A renaissance in Detroit?

DETROIT — Just walked to the ballpark from the hotel, about a mile right through the heart of downtown Detroit.

Save your jokes.

I saw a bunch of people headed to a techno music festival on the waterfront. There were city workers tending to flowers in carefully landscaped swatches of grass on every block. Sure, I saw some boarded-up buildings, but I also saw what looked like some new businesses. I passed what looked like some good bars and the marquee of the Fox Theater advertised a bunch of concerts coming this summer.

I walked past Ford Field and saw a bunch of street vendors setting up near Comerica Park.


I don’t know about about the economics to tell you how Detroit is doing, I do know what I see and compared to my previous visits here, it looks a lot better. Compared to Cleveland, Detroit seemed like a happening place. Good for the people here. They deserve a break.

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