Final: Red Sox 4, Tigers 3

Game over: Red Sox 4, Tigers 3

That’s five straight, 13 of 15 and 16 of 20 for the Red Sox. Albers (1-2) gets the win with two innings of relief and Papelbon picks up his 10th save.

The Sox are now 5-0 against the Tigers this season. The teams are scheduled to play a second game at 7:05 p.m. There are storms heading this way.

The second game will be on NESN

Middle of the 9th: Red Sox 4, Tigers 3

Boom goes the dynamite. Or something like that. David Ortiz pinch hit for Salty with one out and lined a 95-m.p.h. 3-and-2 fastball over the fence in right center.


He is 2 for 2 with two homers off Valverde. It was Papi’s fourth career pinch-hit homer. Now Papelbon will try and close it out.

Top of the 9th: Red Sox 3, Tigers 3

1-2-3 inning for Albers. He has done his job for two innings. Now the Red Sox will get Jose Valverde in the ninth.

Middle of the 8th: Red Sox 3, Tigers 3

Lowrie singled with one out. But Crawford (0 for 4) whiffed and Sutton grounded out.

Breaking news: NESN will carry game tonight

NESN has reached an agreement with ESPN to waive its exclusivity for tonight’s game. So the second game of the doubleheader will be on NESN tonight at 7:05. Weather permitting.

strong>Top of the 8th: Red Sox 3, Tigers 3

Albers worked around a one-walk walk to Inge. Now the formerly good Joaquin Benoit is on to pitch.

Middle of the 7th: Red Sox 3, Tigers 3

1-2-3 inning for Purcey. Red Sox offense has gone cold. Four scoreless innings in a row with one hit.

Albers in now for Buchholz.

strong>Top of the 7th: Red Sox 3, Tigers 3

You could sense this coming. Boesch hit a bomb deep to right field for his fourth homer. Cabrera followed with a double down the line at third. He took third on a groundout and scored on a two-out single by Peralta.


Oliver is done for the Tigers and newly acquired David Purcey is on to pitch. He is a former Blue Jay.

The Sox had a chance to drop the hammer on Oliver in the first inning and missed it. Now we have a brand new game.

Middle of the 6th: Red Sox 3, Tigers 1

Cameron (2 for 2 with a walk) singled with two outs and took second on a wild pitch. But Salty popped to right. Sox are 0 for 5 with runners in scoring position. Oliver has done a nice job, holding the Sox to three runs over six innings.

Buchholz is at 85 pitches as he takes the mound for the sixth.

Top of the 6th: Red Sox 3, Tigers 1

Kelly bunted for a leadoff single before Buchholz retired the side. Jackson ended the inning with a fly to deep right.

Middle of the 5th: Red Sox 3, Tigers 1

Three grounders and a quick inning for Oliver. Sox have kind of let him off the hook a bit. He has thrown 93 pitches, however.

Top of the 5th: Red Sox 3, Tigers 1

Dirks homered to right. He has the only two hits for the Tigers. Buchholz has now allowed nine home runs, the same amount he did all last season.

Cabrera walked with one out but Buchholz got Martinez and Peralta on grounders.

Middle of the 4th: Red Sox 3, Tigers 0

A reader, mikewill56, commented on the blog that he is watching the game on line with his son, who is in Camp Victory in Iraq.

Mike, tell your son that everybody who is enjoying baseball back home can do so because of the sacrifice he and his comrades are making. Our thanks to him on Memorial Day weekend and stay safe young man.


As for the game, Cameron and Ellsbury drew walks in the inning but that was it.


Top of the 4th: Red Sox 3, Tigers 0

1-2-3 inning again for Buchholz, who has retired eight straight.

Meanwhile, here is the radar map. There’s a whole lot of bad coming this way.

Middle of the 3d: Red Sox 3, Tigers 0

Dustin Pedroia homered to start the inning, No. 4 for him. Lowrie doubled with two outs before Crawford struck out. The Sox have one run in each inning. That’s a pace for nine I’m pretty sure.

Top of the 3d: Red Sox 2, Tigers 0

1-2-3 inning for Buchholz. He has allowed three earned runs in his last 30 1/3 innings against the Tigers. Meanwhile the Sox have outscored Detroit, 27-7, this season.

Middle of the 2d: Red Sox 2, Tigers 0

Mike Cameron, who has mashed lefties in his career, mashed a home run to left off Oliver. Buchholz starts the second inning facing a catcher he really liked to throw to in Victor.

Top of the 2d: Red Sox 1, Tigers 0

Buchholz allowed a single by Dirks but that was it. Three fly balls otherwise.

Middle of the 1st: Red Sox 1, Tigers 0

The Sox had a double, a walk, a hit batter, and four stolen bases but somehow scored only one run.

Ellsbury doubled before Pedroia walked. After a double steal, Gonzalez had a sac fly to center. After Youkilis was hit by a pitch, another double steal put runners at second and third with one out.

But Lowrie and Crawford popped up.

The four steals are a season high for the Sox. They are intent on running on Victor Martinez today. They saw up close last season that he can’t throw anybody out. Oliver didn’t help him by ignoring the runners.

Pregame: Good afternoon from Detroit, where the Sox and Tigers will give it another shot after getting rained out yesterday. More storms are expected but this game will start on time.

Is there anybody alive out there? Hang out here for updates and feel free to leave your comments.

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