Final: Red Sox 6, Athletics 3

Game over: Red Sox 6, Athletics 3

1-2-3 inning for Bard as the Sox finish the sweep. Back with more later on.

Top of the 9th: Red Sox 6, Athletics 3

Salty (3 for 4) tripled when Jackson missed a diving catch. But he was thrown out at the plate when Ellsbury grounded to first. Ellsbury was then thrown out trying to steal second. He has been caught seven times this season.

Middle of the 8th: Red Sox 6, Athletics 3

1-2-3 inning for Wheeler, who has not been scored on since returning from the disabled list.

Top of the 8th: Red Sox 6, Athletics 3

1-2-3 inning for De Los Santos. Dan Wheeler will start the eighth inning for the Sox.


Middle of the 7th: Red Sox 6, Athletics 3

Albers left with a runner on first and two outs. Tommy Hottovy came in and walked Sweeney on four pitches. He then fell behind DeJesus 2-and-0 before Curt Young came to the mound and presumably said, “Hey, throw strikes.” Hottovy threw a strike that DeJesus took then got him to ground to second.

Hottovy faced DeJesus three times in three days and got three groundballs.

Top of the 7th: Red Sox 6, Athletics 3

Facing Fauntino De Los Santos, Ellsbury singled, advanced to third on two wild pitches, and scored on a single by Pedroia. Pedroia stole second but was stranded when Gonzo struck out and Youkilis flied to deep center.

Middle of the 6th: Red Sox 5, Athletics 3

Lackey went 5 2/3 innings, allowing three earned runs on three hits with two walks, two strkeouts and three hit batters. He left with a runner on second, who scored when Barton doubled off Matt Albers.

Anderson is done, too. He allowed five runs on nine hits.

Top of the 6th: Red Sox 5, Athletics 2

Ortiz (.327) singled before Lowrie grounded into a double play. Crawford walked before Cameron whiffed.

Middle of the 5th: Red Sox 5, Athletics 2

Crisp walked with two outs but that was it.


Top of the 5th: Red Sox 5, Athletics 2

Salty singled and was sacrificed to second by Ellsbury, who has bunted twice today. Pedroia popped to short but Gonzalez stuck one in the Monster seats. That’s 12 homers and 50 RBIs for him.

I’m looking forward to postgame when somebody asks him about Fenway being a good park for him and Gonzalez gives that “I’m not sure if you understand how good I am” look and explains that he has the same approach everywhere.

Middle of the 4th: Red Sox 3, Athletics 2

Like I said, three runs is not likely to be enough. Lackey got two outs then hit Suzuki with a 1-and-2 cutter. The Oakland catcher — who just kills the Sox — stole second and scored on a single by Barton.

Top of the 4th: Red Sox 3, Athletics 1

Ortiz doubled to center with one out then took third when Lowrie flied to right. Anderson then came up and in on Crawford, hitting him on the back of the left shoulder. Crawford had some word for Anderson as he went up the line and both benches were warned by umpire Larry Vanover.

Ortiz is hitting .324 at the moment. Can’t say you that coming.

Middle of the 3rd: Red Sox 3, Athletics 1

Kouzmanoff ht the second pitch of the inning to dead center for a home run into the camera well. Lackey retired the side from there.

Top of the 3rd: Red Sox 3, Athletics 0

Ortiz and Lowrie singled to center before Crawford destroyed a breaking ball and sent it soaring into the bullpen in right field. He has been swinging the bat much better of late against lefties.


Saltalamacchia singled with one out before going to third on a two-out double by Pedroia. But Gonzalez grounded to short.

Nice start against Anderson, who usually owns the Sox. But Lackey and that beat-up bullpen may need more than three runs.

Middle of the 2nd: Athletics 0, Red Sox 0

Lackey walked Barton with one out. Ellis then hit a sharp grounder up the middle. Pedroia handled a tough hop near his head to start a double play. That was the second such play he has made in two days.

Yeah, he booted that grounder in the ninth inning yesterday. But Pedroia has played an excellent second base this season.

Top of the 2nd: Athletics 0, Red Sox 0

Pedroia walked but that was it against Anderson. Gonzalez lined a ball to left that Sweeney made a nice sliding catch on.

Middle of the 1st: Athletics 0, Red Sox 0

Sweeney walked with out out before Lackey hit DeJesus with a pitch. Jackson then grounded to third. Youkilis stepped on the bag for the second out and threw to first to end the inning.

Pregame: It’s a sunny day with a good breeze (64 degrees) at Fenway as John Lackey returns to the mound.

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