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Red Sox wait to hear on Dustin Pedroia

NEW YORK — Dustin Pedroia’s appointment with Dr. Tom Gill was at 4:30 p.m. today. Terry Francona is waiting to hear the result.

Francona expressed confidence that Pedroia would be in the lineup tomorrow. But a few seconds later admitted that the second baseman has cartilage damage in his knee.

“That knee has been actually kind of sore, it was sore last year. But when he broke his foot it became a non-issue and it got better obviously because he rested so much,” Francona said, “It’s been nagging at him a lot of this year. What we’re trying to do today is Dr. Gill’s going to look inside his knee with a minimally, a very minimally, invasive technique and just make sure, just to reassure us and Pedey, that he can play and not going to hurt himself. I think we owe it to him.


“There’s a a different between having your knee ache or hurt as opposed to maybe putting yourself in a place you don’t want to. We just want to make sure. I fully expect he’ll be hitting second tomorrow. But I think we needed to do it. He didn’t even want to go back and do this. We kind of made him. Because of the way he plays and everything and he keeps landing on that thing. We just want to make sure it’s OK.”

So why didn’t the Red Sox wait until the off day on Monday to do this?

“Because he complained about it,” Francona said. “It got to the point the other night where it was starting to grab at him a little bit. The more we talked, we didn’t want to put it off. … This is just something to make sure he’s OK.”

Francona later added:

“He’s got a little bit of a cartilage issue in there. We’ve known that for a long time. I think everybody on our team does, including myself. That’s the way it is. If that gets in the way, then you need to … we just want to look at it and make sure.”


A doctor interviewed by ESPN speculated that Pedroia has a torn meniscus, a c-shaped piece of cartilage. In speaking to two other sports medicine professionals today, they also believe that is the likely injury. In some cases, rest can cure that. In others, minor surgery is needed.

Hopefully we’ll get an update from the Red Sox later on. But obviously surgery is a possibility depending what Gill finds.

In other injury news:

• Jarrod Saltalamacchia spent last night in the hospital getting IV treatments. He’s feeling better and will take batting practice today. Depending how he feels, the Sox could make a roster move to get another reliever as soon as tomorrow.

• Jed Lowrie seems OK, although his shoulder is still aching.

• LHP Franklin Morales is headed for Norfolk, Va., and will pitch for Pawtucket tomorrow. Then he’ll pitch again on Sunday.

• Spoke to Clay Buchholz and he said his sore lower back has been getting better. “The extra days off helped,” he said. “I should be fine.” Buchholz will travel to Toronto ahead of the team and rest up for his start tomorrow.


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