Let the Jose Reyes talk commence

People e-mail all the time asking whether the Red Sox should try and get a certain player. Usually it’s wishful thinking.

But when a reader named Matt e-mailed today and asked whether the Sox should pursue a trade for Jose Reyes in the wake of Jed Lowrie’s shoulder injury, I had to at least stop and think about it.

A few things to consider:

1. The first step is to figure out how injured Lowrie is, obviously. If he’s going to be fine in a month, there’s no point in making a trade.


2. Then decide how you view Marco Scutaro or the possibility of using Jose Iglesias. Based on his poor hitting in AAA (.224/.263/.229), Jose is nowhere near ready. But Scutaro is a solid major league shortstop.

3. Realize that Reyes is a rental. The Sox invested $8 million in Iglesias. They’re not going to give up on him after less than two years. Reyes could be a fantastic player for three months but then he’s going somewhere else for big money.

4. The Mets need payroll relief. But Reyes is their superstar. This would be like the Red Sox falling on hard times and deciding to deal Dustin Pedroia. The Mets would want a lot for Reyes and GM Sandy Alderson is no dope. He’s not taking Josh Reddick and a bag of rocks.

5. Do they need him? The Sox already have a high-powered offense. Reyes would make it even better. But pitching wins. Trading for Reyes would use up chips that could be used to pursue a pitcher if that need arise.

6. Think of the future. The Sox gave up three major prospects to obtain Adrian Gonzalez. You can’t keep looting the farm system.

It’s fun to think about it and Reyes is a fun player to watch. But this would be a move that requires a lot of debate. It’s hard to imagine at the moment.


What do you think?

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