Pregame notes: Francona talks Drew, Miller and Cameron

Not a big news day so far. Here are some nuggets from Red Sox manager Terry Francona’s pregame press conference:

* on J.D. Drew’s offensive struggles (entering today’s game, he’s batting .225):

“Being honest, J.D. hasn’t caught fire,” Francona said. “That’s just being honest. But he always seems to have the ability to have that one big spurt. … I know it’s there, so rather than run away from him — I know we’ve sat him against a bunch of lefties — we’d love for him to get hot because I know it’s in there.”


* on Andrew Miller coming up from Pawtucket to start tomorrow’s game against the Padres:

“We’re hoping to see exactly what he’s been doing his last four starts of Triple-A,” Francona said. “One start doesn’t make or break your career, but we just want to see him pound the strike zone with his good stuff. He’s really done a terrific job.

“There’s a lot to like about this kid.”

* on the challenges for guys who become part-time players, like Mike Cameron:

“With Cam, I think it’s certainly not mentality because he’s as good as you’re going to find,” Francona said. “If Cam’s strong and healthy enough, I think he’s used to playing every day. I think it is a change for him. It’s been hard for him so far to be productive.

“I think there are guys that are more able to [become part-time players]. You try to think about that when you’re putting your team together. … You can’t just put together the 25 best names.”

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