Gonzalez on RF: ‘I’m never nervous’

PHILADELPHIA — Here’s what Adrian Gonzalez had to offer about playing right field:

What has he done to prepare? “Just shagging balls out there. I’ve been there in the past. Again, it’s not something I’m going to try and make an outstanding play. I’m going to catch the balls that are hit to me, keep the base hits in front and make sure I hit my cutoff man.”

On his approach: “I don’t think many people crash into walls or dive after balls unless the opportunity calls for it. I’m just going to play the game. There’s a lot of people who switch positions all the time and nobody makes a big deal about it. It’s just for a couple of days so Papi can get in the game. He’s a big part of the lineup. That’s why we need him in there.”


On being cautious: “I’m pretty cautious at first base. If the play needs for me to dive, I’ll dive. I think about the game. I don’t just react and do things recklessly. I’ll be the same way in right field.”

Should they have done this earlier? “I think we could have done it in Pittsburgh. But there was always a fear from Tito and management about the possibility of getting hurt. But I keep telling them, ‘If you have fear about getting hurt, then might as well not play.’ Because anybody can get hurt out there. I think anybody who approaches the game with the mentality of getting hurt, you’re at a loss. If anybody wants to go that direction, they’re just wrong.”

Did he play any OF growing up? “Not really. I played an occasional game in Little League and stuff.”

(Gonzalez said he last played OF in 2005 in Winter Ball)

How nervous will he be? “I”m never nervous. I could care less. I’ll just have fun.”

How far over will Jacoby have to play? “We’ll make sure we shift over to make sure he catches the right-center balls.”

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