Keeping the fans informed at Fenway

The best customers any baseball team has are the people who attend their games. They get in their cars, make their way to the stadium and spend three or four hours there.

It’s an expensive day when it’s all said and done. Tickets, gas, parking, food, souvenirs, etc.

So why not keep these valuable customers well-informed?

I left Fenway Park last night wondering why the Red Sox did not use their scoreboard or the public address system to tell the fans what had happened with Jon Lester.

The big lefty had a no-hitter going after four innings and then left the game. It turned out to be a strained lat muscle. The Sox told the writers, the radio team and NESN but not the 37,745 folks in the seats.


It’s that way at every stadium and in every sport. The people in the seats are often left in the dark. It doesn’t make any sense.

What possible damage could it do the team to post “Jon Lester left the game with a strained lat muscle. He will be examined tomorrow” on the scoreboard? Nothing is compromised.

I’m sure some people in the stands found out via their phones. But I’m sure plenty of people left Fenway wondering what happened to Lester.

The Red Sox have been industry leaders on a lot of fronts. It just seems logical that any information you’re giving the press during the game is worth passing on to the fans. Baseball fans are pretty smart, they understand that injuries are part of the game.

Heck, you might even sell a few more beers.

Just an idea.

UPDATE, 11:03 a.m.: According the Red Sox, they posted “Jon Lester left the game with a strained left latissimus” for three pitches on one of the secondary scoreboards last night. I missed it.

That’s good and it’s certainly more than you see in most parks. Whether you think that’s enough is up to you. My thought would be to throw something up on the main scoreboard.


The reason for this post in the first place is that several fans stopped me on my way to the clubhouse to ask about Lester and a few more e-mailed this morning.

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