Debate: Should Derek Jeter attend the All-Star game?

PHOENIX – The big topic of discussion here is whether Derek Jeter should come to the All-Star game even though he’s decided not to play.

The “yes he should come” side of it is that Jeter has a great opportunity to represent what is good with baseball as a goodwill ambassador for the game. Other “injured” players have elected to attend including his New York counterpart Jose Reyes.

Jeter stroked his 3,000th hit Saturday.

Predictably, the All-Stars have bailed Jeter out.

“Derek Jeter has been the ultimate ambassador for the game of baseball for years and years. He’s represented the game the right way on and off the field. Does he need to do this? I think he’s done more for the game than anyone,” said Milwaukee outfielder Ryan Braun.


“It’s been a crazy week for him. I’m sure he wants to rest his body and prepare himself for the second half of the season. His team is the most important thing. Derek has been to a lot of All-Star games and he’s achieved things very few people in the game have achieved. With (Jose) Reyes, he’s been to three or four All-Star games and he probably wanted to come and just have a good time,” Matt Kemp said.

What do you think? Should Jeter be here?

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