Cano tops Gonzalez in Home Run Derby

It’s over: Cano hit 12 to win his first title. Nice moment for him and his dad. Great showing by Gonzo, too.

Gonzo ties record: Adrian hit 11, tying the final round record. Now we’ll see what Cano can do.

Final round: It’ll be Gonzo vs. Cano. They each had 20. Ortiz, the defending champion, finished with nine as did Fielder.

The nine homers did give Ortiz a career event record of 77, breaking the record of 74 held by Ken Griffey Jr.

Robbie Cano: That was impressive. Cano drilled 12 in that round, a bunch of majestic shots, too. He has 20 overall. The AL now leads the NL 42-15.


Papi again: David hit four and now has nine total. He’s not going to win.

Second round: It’ll be Papi, Gonzo, Prince and Cano in the second round. Prince hit five in the “swing-off” and Papi 4. Holliday hit 2.

In the team competition, the AL leads 27-15. Clearly Ortiz is a smart man.

Prince Fielder: He hit five, too. Now Fielder, Ortiz and Holliday will have a “swing-off” of five swings each to determine which two advance along with Gonzo and Cano.

Just what this event needs, to be longer.

David Ortiz: Big Papi with five homers. He drilled a bunch of grounders into right field. It was 2009 all over again. But Ortiz could still advance.

Gonzo is still the leader with nine. There have been only 36 HRs so far. Only a few real memorable ones, mostly by Cano.

Matt Kemp: So much for my prediction, he hit two. Now comes Big Papi.

Jose Bautista: The Toronto slugger hit just four. Kind of disappointing.

Rickie Weels: That was painful. The crowd booed as he hit only three homers. They also were chanting “Justin Upton.” Prince Fielder picked his teammate. But shouldn’t the home team have had somebody in the competition?


Robinson Cano: The Yankees second baseman had his dad, Jose, pitch to him. Jose pitched six games for the Astros in 1989.

Cano hit some impressive homers, one that soared 472 feet. But he had just eight. Gonzo remains the leader.

Matt Holliday: He had five homers off teammate Yadier Molina. Meanwhile Reggie Jackson and Hank Aaron are in the house.

First up: Adrian Gonzalez

He made two weak outs facing Indians manager Manny Acta then connected for two bombs, one that landed in the pool area. Once he started started pulling the ball down the line, he drilled a few in a row.

Gonzo ended up with nine homers. Considering he had 2 in 2009, he must be happy.

Pre-Derby: Not sure if anybody has ever tried to live blog the Home Run Derby before. But we here at Extra Bases are nothing if not ambitious.

It’ll be David Ortiz, Adrian Gonzalez, Robbie Cano and Jose Bautista against Prince Fielder, Rickie Weeks, Matt Holliday and Matt Kemp. It’s a little like West Side Story.

My prediction: Kemp wins it. I have no idea why. Anybody who dated Rihanna must have something going for them.

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