Mayor Menino wants eight more years of David Ortiz in Boston

Eight more years of David Ortiz in a Red Sox uniform?

If Boston mayor Tom Menino gets his way, we’ll be seeing a lot more of Big Papi in the years to come at Fenway Park.

“I’d like to see an eight year deal myself,” Menino said when asked about the possibility of Ortiz playing in Boston for at least several more years. “He’s not just a ballplayer, he’s a person, he’s a personality. He’s with the kids today, he’s with the kids all the time in our city. He makes a difference in young people’s lives, that’s why I’d like to see him [stay]. Now some ballplayers just do it on the field, he does it off the field too, which means so much as mayor of the city.”


Menino indicated he would hit the Red Sox brass where it hurts if they don’t move to lock up Ortiz in a multi-year deal.

“If they don’t give us a good contract, I have the power to raise their taxes,” Menino said jokingly. “So let’s negotiate now with David.”

Ortiz and Menino were in Boston for the “Live Positively, Get the Ball Rolling” baseball clinic at Boston Common Fields this morning. Over 250 kids from local area camps and six other area community groups were introduced to baseball and taught the importance of exercise and eating a balanced, healthy diet as part of the day’s scheduled events by Coca-Cola and the Red Sox.

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