Drew reveals extent of shoulder injury

Red Sox outfielder J.D. Drew revealed this morning that the left shoulder injury that landed him on the disabled list earlier this week has been plaguing him for much of the season and required a series of injections. It’s irritation in his rotator cuff.

The latest shot came a week ago.

“I’m trying to let that take effect. In the meantime I’m doing some strengthening work,” Drew said.

Drew said the injury first bothered him in spring training and grew progressively worse.

“I’ve felt it for a while. It’s one of those things that slowly, gradually taking strength out of that shoulder which has caused some bad habits,” he said.


Drew has hit .219/.317/.305 this season, a slump that led to the Red Sox replacing him with Josh Reddick.

“Josh has played great, man. He’s probably one of the most improved young players that I have seen,” Drew said. “He went from one extreme to another. It’s been fun to watch.”

Drew is confident that he can return this season.

“Oh, yeah. I think so. I want to get to a point, strength-wise, when I go back out and start swinging the bat, I can kind of control that irritation hopefully and not have too much of an impact,” he said. “Like I said, it created some bad habits at the plate.”

Drew said he had no set timetable.

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