Red Sox all over the map seeking trades

According to a couple of opposing general managers the Red Sox have been been “all over the map” concerning what they’re trying to obtain before Sunday’s trade deadline.

“We’ve heard they’re trying to to get a lefty reliever, a righthanded hitter or a fourth or fifth starter,” said one American League executive. “The Red Sox will get someone. They always do.”

On the lefty reliever front, we’ve reported for the last week about the saturation of White Sox scouts watching the Red Sox’ major league team and farm system. The White Sox would love to get the Red Sox interested in lefty reliever Matt Thornton, who has two more years reaming on his contract at $5.5 million per year.


The Red sox will be scouting Seattle lefty Erik Bedard tomorrow night, as he returns from the disabled list from a knee injury. The Mariners are also offering Jason Vargas as a possible fifth starter solution to the Red Sox.

The Red Sox and the Yankees remain in the hunt for Hiroki Kuroda. The Japanese righty would have to waive a no-trade clause to leave the Dodgers. Oakland’s Rich Harden also remains on Boston’s radar.

The Braves would move veteran Derek Lowe for a hitter, but it’s not anticipated that the Red Sox would want Lowe back. Nor do the Red Sox seem inclined to take a shot with Chicago’s Carlos Zambrano. San Diego righty Aaron Harang is also a possibility as is Baltimore’s Jeremy Guthrie.

Veteran Kevin Millwood remains in Pawtucket, but the Red Sox don’t seem to view him as a solution.

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