Wrapping it up from Fenway Park

Weird game today for Josh Beckett. He was brilliant outside of the fourth inning, giving up two hits and one walk while striking out eight. But that fourth inning was a disaster. He threw 38 pitches, gave up four runs on four hits and walked two.

With the Sox up 2-0, Beckett walked Alex Gordon and Mitch Maier before Billy Butler crushed a home run to center field. Mike Moustakas added an RBI double later in the inning.

“It’s pretty [expletive] frustrating when your team scores two runs and you walk the first two guys,” he said. “I was kind of all over the place,” Beckett said. “It’s bad to walk those two guys. It’s horrible.”


The end of the game was compelling. Carl Crawford came up with a runner on and one out and hit a ball to deep right field that looked sure to go out. The Red Sox came out of their dugout ready to celebrate, but Jeff Francoeur tracked the ball down in the deepest part of the ballpark.

Manager Terry Francona was among those convinced Crawford had won the game.

“I was getting up to celebrate. I thought he got it plenty and the wind knocked it down,” he said. “He took a good swing, went down and got it. I was all ready to be excited. It kind of hurts.”

Said Crawford: “Normally when I hit it like that … off the bat I felt I hit it good enough,” he said. “I don’t know what happened. I don’t know if it died or I didn’t hit as hard as I thought I did or what. I thought I hit it good.

“You always hope something good is going to happen and try and stay positive. You hope for the best.”

The Sox are off to Chicago now and a brief three-game road trip. My flight is tomorrow morning and I’ll catch you from there.


Thanks to everybody for reading today.

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