Greetings from Gate B-35

Good morning from Logan, where we are waiting on a flight to Chicago. Love the free wi-fi here. All you have to do is watch a video advertising a car you could never afford.

By the time Sunday rolls around and the Red Sox leave Chicago, they could look like a different team. It seems unlikely that Theo Epstein will let the trade deadline pass without doing something to improve the team. His history suggests at least a trade or two.

The Sox have an offense that is on pace to score 900 runs this season. If the pitching staff can be improved, even just a little, the Sox will be a bear come October.


The question now is whether we will see a little change or a lot. In theory, the Sox could use a starter, a lefty reliever and a right-handed hitting outfielder. In practice, they could stand pat with a terrific team and see what upgrades can be made in August. That process is a little more tricky because players just clear waivers first, however.

For baseball writers, these are hectic times because you want to stay on top of the story. Folks are always asking what we know. All I can say is that if we knew anything for sure, we would write it.

Check back later for the lineups and any news on the trade front. Oh, and make sure you check out the paper or the site for all the Patriots news today. My pals Shalise Manza Young, Greg Bedard and Monique Walker have it covered.

OK, the flight is boarding. Catch you later.

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