Trade Talk: Kuroda wants to stay in LA

CHICAGO — Hiroki Kuroda would be a nice fit for a number of American League teams seeking a a starting pitcher, the Red Sox and Yankees among them.

But according to sources familiar with his thinking, Kuroda has little desire to leave the Dodgers and would invoke his no-trade clause to block deals to the East Coast. There have been similar reports by other media outlets.

Quite often, these issues vanish when the proper financial incentive is applied. But in this case, Kuroda is not using his leverage to get a few more dollars. He legitimately does not want to leave southern California.


Kuroda, 36, is “set in his ways” according to a source and is leery about playing somewhere else even for only three months.

Could the Red Sox talk him off that stance? The team has several Japanese-speaking employees including a trainer and a massage therapist who travel with the team. Kuroda would have a comfortable environment and a chance to pitch in the postseason again before becoming a free agent.

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