Red Sox juggling trade options

CHICAGO – The Red Sox have not closed the door on Erik Bedard. They still covet Dodgers righty Hiroki Kuroda and are in the hunt for Ubaldo Jiminez.

Anyone else? Probably. Jeremy Guthrie has to appeal them as well.

The Sox were weighing those options and likely others this morning. Bedard didn’t pitch well, but one small snapshot is usually not the way teams do business. Bedard’s bad return to the mound in which he lasted only 1.1 innings probably helps teams like the Red Sox and Yankees acquire him for a reasonable price.

“He had command issues,” said one scout. “Whether that’s due to rustiness, his knee, who knows? What you have to decide is can this guy improve the next time out and help you. I’ve seen him three times this year and he’s pitched well for me every time. Last night he didn’t.”


Bedard threw at 94 mph and broke off some sharp curves, a good sign. He just didn’t have his location. His knee didn’t seem to be a problem. He may be the cheapest guy there is to acquire.

Kuroda remains a top priority. The Sox would have to give up a major prospect and mabye a secondary one to obtain him. And then there’s the issue of whether Kuroda would come to Boston. His family is very comfortable in LA.

The Sox are competing with the Yankees and Blue Jays at least for Jiminez. Toronto wants him as their No. 1 starter.

The White Sox continue to try to get lefty reliever Matt Thornton together with the Red Sox. Bob Nightengale of USA Today tweeted that the White Sox have discussed a Thornton-Carlos Quentin deal with Boston but would have to get major prospects back.

The Red Sox do need a steady lefty reliever and Thornton may appeal to them.

But it seems they want their resources to be earmarked toward a starting pitcher.

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