Epstein: A starter was the priority

CHICAGO — Theo Epstein just conducted a conference call with the Red Sox beat writers to talk about the trade deadline.

He said the Sox would not have been satisfied to come away without a starting pitcher. They felt that was a priority, if only to add some depth. Their scouts saw during spring training and early in the season that Erik Bedard’s stuff was back. And that while he looked rusty on Friday, he showed he was healthy.

The Sox feel that Bedard, if right, can handle any lineup in the game.

Epstein would not go into detail about Clay Buchholz but admitted their concerns about his back injury and that they hope to get a definitive answer this week.


Epstein did not say who was coming out of the rotation other than to say they could use six starters for one turn through.

More on this later. Have some newspaper work to do.

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