How about starting Aceves?

CHICAGO — Tick, tock. Tick tock.

The trade deadline arrives in three hours and 14 minutes and there are no indications of the Red Sox making a move.

The Rich Harden deal died last night when the Red Sox questioned his medical report and tried to pull back the player to be named later. Oakland refused to deal Harden straight up for Lars Anderson.

Obviously the teams could still come to a different agreement. There are assorted other guys out there (Erik Bedard, Wandy Rodriguez) but nobody that looks like a difference maker.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post Tweeted that the Red Sox could boost their bullpen and start Alfredo Aceves. Nobody asked me, but that idea is more appealing than trading any significant prospects for Wandy Rodriguez.


Aceves is not a perfect choice by any means and he’s immensely valuable in the bullpen. But he’s probably a better option than what is out there.

The best line of the day came from Marco Scutaro. Heidi Watney joked that she and Marco had been traded to the Angels. Somebody asked Marco what the Sox got in return.

“The Rally Monkey,” he said.

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