There is ‘concern’ for Buchholz

CHICAGO — Theo Epstein would not provide details. But he did admit that “there is some concern” about the condition of Clay Buchholz, who will have his lower back examined by Dr. Robert Watkins tomorrow in Los Angeles.

“It’s been almost a couple of months now, which is longer than we expected it to be,” Epstein said. “We’re still awaiting some more feedback and another opinion. I think we have a feel for what might be going on. But Clay is seeing another expert to get his opinion and then we’re all going to put our heads together early this week.


“I’ll refrain from answering in too much detail until I have a chance to talk with Clay and we all have a chance to talk things through.”

Epstein said the fact that Buchholz threw in the bullpen last Monday and would not repeat that on Wednesday was a problem.

“We think we’re in the process of getting to the bottom of it,” Epstein said. “We’ll have more to say after we talk to Clay.”

Until now, the Red Sox have said Buchholz has a muscle strain. But there are increasing indications that he has a structural issue that will keep him out for the remainder of the season.

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