Extra Bases

Bedard to start Thursday, Lester pushed back


Erik Bedard will make his Red Sox debut Thursday in the series finale against the Indians. Andrew Miller will go to the bullpen for the day, and the Sox will go to a six-man rotation. Jon Lester will get an extra day’s rest, taking the mound Friday.

“We don’t have a day off until we leave to go to Seattle,” said Sox manager Terry Francona. “So up to that point, we’ll kind of stick with six starters. Andrew will be in the bullpen Thursday. Bedard threw 57 pitches, I think, in an inning and two-thirds. He hadn’t pitched in a month.


“The way we interpreted it from the Seattle guys is if he’d have pitched for them on Wednesday, they were going to hold him to about 75 or 80 [pitches], so we probably need to somewhat stick close to that also. We’ll have Andrew out there, just to keep an eye on our bullpen. If he doesn’t pitch in that game, he’ll take his normal turn Monday in Minnesota. If he does, he’ll pitch Tuesday in Minnesota and Wake will just stay – we can flip-flop those two.”

Their talks as Bedard’s been traveling: “I talked to him yesterday a little bit before we got to the airport. He was terrific. He said he’s looking forward to it. We talked about his day to pitch so he can kind of get himself settled when he gets here and everything. We’re looking forward to getting him going. I think the one thing we have to recognize is he hasn’t pitched a lot in the last month so we’ve got to kind of want to get him ramped up so we can get the most out of him. We’ll keep an eye on that.”
What he likes about Bedard: “Breaking ball. Well, more than that, but the way it’s been explained to me, he can wake up at 3 o’clock in the morning and spin his breaking ball. He’s also done it in the American League East, which is something to think about. I’ve seen what he’s done to us. So we’re excited.”
Bedard’s health: “The knee is not an issue. I mean he tweaked – he’s got the brace on it, but he’s OK.”
Adjusting to the pennant race: “Get people out. The game is the game. The quicker he gets comfortable here I think it’s easier. The best way to get comfortable is to throw well. You see guys come in – Jason Bay came in the first game he got a hit and everything was really easy for him. Guys that come in and struggle, it’s a little harder. I think with a pitcher it might be a little bit easier. He’s going to pitch his game and do his work. I think our clubhouse is an easy place to come into, too. I’ve been in a lot of clubhouses and ours is pretty easy.”


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